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Light Screening


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COMMUNICATION (Post Screening):


All initial contact should be made via email. Once I’ve screened you, I will send you my contact number and will gladly chat via TEXT at a mutually agreed time; I find this often heightens the anticipation and provides a level of familiarity and comfort for our first encounter.


While I do my best to accommodate hectic schedules, my lifestyle does not always lend itself to same day or last-minute requests. I prefer at least 24hr advance notice to screen new friends and prepare the best possible experience for you.


If you choose to write a review after our encounter, I ask that you keep it tasteful and respectful. The majority of my clients do not kiss and tell. Please refrain from divulging personal information whether in a review or on a message board. This would include my private in-call location, information about my day job, etc.


Employment Screening

No References

    New clients who cannot provide references and would like to begin the screening process, please copy & paste the following paragraph and send an email with the requested information. I will never directly contact any employers or associates. No references hobby related or RW related will be contacted with out your permission and preferred method of contact included after each reference. 


• Your Name

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• Age, Ethnicity and Occupation

• Desired Date, Time and Length of Our Time Together

Preferred 411, TER or ECCIE ID (If applicable)


• Occupation 

• Business Email Address

• Company Name, URL, Department, & Supervisors Name (If Self-Employed, Please Contact Me For Further Requirements)

• Length of Employment


    Here is the part of screening I look forward to! Please write a brief description of your personality traits, hobbies & interests, etc...  What makes you tick every day? Tell me about you!